September 1st, 2004


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The business has struck. Women and children are dying. There are people with no water. Help us! Open the door! Give us a lifeboat. We are humans too, not beasts!


Does anyone have any idea what I am writing about?

I quit work on Tuesday. I do believe it'll be eight days short of one year. It has been a good time this "working" thing. Kuni has been good to me. I have been...less than good to their vehicles, but lo, there is forgiveness!


I raise my hand, point my finger at your face and say "Hey! I shall miss you when I'm gone to Swedenland!"


As someone who watched most of the democratic national convention I must say that this republican convention is SO much better. I do believe it's in the fact that the Republicans have speakers that are well-liked by the majority of americans-and what speaches they have been! It's hard to find someone with hatred for Rudolph Guliani, or Arnold, or John Mccain. It is, however, easy to find those who strongly dislike Hillary Clinton...the way her voice breaks when she tries to capitalize on a triumphant highnote in the midst of her speach is enough to cause cats to suicide.

Hey kids-I'm voting for Bush! Let the hatred begin :-)