September 3rd, 2004


This and This

I have two days left at work.

I have less than two days with my dearest friend Amber-Dawn.

I have four new t-shirts.

I have church tonight.

I have moles.

(the marks on my body, not the animals that dig holes)

I have a recently downsized cd collection.

I have you. And I love you. Yes, you. You know who I'm talking about. You...with the eyes, and the smile...and the laugh. You.


The weekend is fast upon us. And even faster so will be the pace at which I'll arrive to Monday. Those of us in the car world will be working...but we'll be recieving a larger share of payment than is the norm. We shall be thankful.

This country has been very good to me.
Sweden will be good as well.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

"Short on Space"

It is dark and two degrees too cool and we are short on space.
We'll have to make do, make heat, learn to live without light.
For we are young and so's the morning and youth is the wellspring of life.
So we sleep from time to time; changing places, changing moods.
I change my mind, you change my mind, we lack something or another.
We toss and turn, you are soft and I am charming.
And it is dark and two degrees too cool and we are short on space.


Mr. Kerry made a terrible mistake last night. That man must stop holding up his Vietnam record as the apex of his presidential qualifications! For the sake of a competitive race man, give us something else!

I'm Benjamin Joseph Hansen...and I approved this message.