September 6th, 2004


I have found beauty and I will not share.

I spent the last evening I'll have in some time with my friend Tim. He is a swell fellow and will be missed to the utmost. He'll be in my prayers, for that is the only place he can be now.

My friend Amber Dawn is now long gone. The telephone keeps us speaking. Texas is a large land to get lost in.


Windy Sky- Move the trees
All by yourself- No help from me
All alone- The earth and you
No stay or rest- There's work to do
Blow the sand- Move the clouds
Now shape the sky- Make us proud
See His hand- Feel His breath
There is no measure-nor any depth

I miss my roommate Jon-God bless him. What a good heart that boy has. We've moved on but at least we shall have our two days camping! Victory will be ours.


We'll learn to love again
In ten or twenty years
We'll unbury our hearts
And brush off the dust
And repaint them red
Then we'll search again
For a place to put them
For hearts are always being given away

I do hope people enjoy my cd. I put at least two hours into writing and recording it.


If anger were measured in calories we'd all be lard.