September 7th, 2004


Life is splendid.

I am on the verge of exhaustion. Gravity has pressed me into dust and bones.

Perhaps that is a bit too dramatic.

I am tired though. I cancelled plans this evening. Truly, I felt guilty but it was a compromise for the better good. I will try to make it up to the offended parties on Saturday-may it be so!

The last day of work occured today. I was blessed to the utmost. Lunches, parties, cakes, gift cards, warm hugs and handshakes. An answer to prayer that lasted a year has come and gone and I am a better person for it.

Tomorrow is coming. Tomorrow is busy. Tomorrow is friendship. Tomorrow is adventure. Tomorrow is passion and pursuit and a thousand different roads that just might be taken.


Psalms 55:1-2 "Listen to my prayer oh God. Do not ignore my plea. Hear me and answer me; my thoughts trouble me and I am distraught."