May 31st, 2005


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Home has been here for three days now. It has been difficult but it is getting easier. I have discovered that I would much rather walk/busride than drive...who would have thought?

God exists here as He does in Sweden. This is one thing that I have truly been able to get my mind around. So often I associate Him with people and places as if He is somehow limited by my experience or even by my existence. More and more I am getting a more realistic picture of His transcendence...the fact that I am surrounded in a vast ocean of Him and that everything I do has no effect on who He is.

It is impossible to understand but immensely good news.

I am headed downtown today...and I believe I'll be taking the Max. May I say that I love Portland? What a spectacular city to come back to. Though I do not feel at home to any high degree, I do more there than anywhere else.

I miss Abby.

I am going to see my former apartment-mate of two years tomorrow. Mr. Bighill and I are sure to journey somewhere fantastic. I love that boy. I feel as if He is some sort of brother but one that I never fight with. Utopian almost.

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