June 4th, 2005


I guess.

I guess it has been a week now, hasn't it? What a long week it has been actually...Sweden seems distant.

It is hard for me here for two reasons. 1-I sorely miss people 2-This lifestyle, this culture, this mindset, this overriding set of values that our society, and unfortunately those who speak the name of Christ represent appears so wrong to me. Now this is difficult for me. I know that what is inside of me must be changed first before I can go around preaching repentence and revolution. It is a practice in the discipline of humility and patience. I have much to learn and yet I have so much that I want to share.

"Patience, my young padawan." Tell me about it Obiwan.

It would appear that I am going to go camping this evening. Jonah (a good man), Robert (likewise) Amber (a good woman) and I will venture for the coast this evening. I imagine something good will occur. We are all young and beautiful and full of brilliant ideas that are even now just bubbling to the surface.

Please, do not take me seriously.

"Whoever wishes to be first among you must be last and the servant of all"-Jesus Christ. Let it be.