June 6th, 2005


And away we go

There was camping (of sorts) done this weekend. Ask me about it sometime. I will be able to give you a one minute story that you will find mildly entertaining.

But enough about me. right..

I begin working at Kuni BMW again tomorrow morning. I have taken a bit of an eight month break. This job will keep me busy and out of trouble. This job will put money in my pockets.

Can I tell you that odd circumstances have led me to begin reading/studying Joel Osteen's "Your best life now!" book. http://www.joelosteen.com/site/PageServer?pagename=BookInfo

This book preaches a gospel of prosperity: use God to give you whatever you would like. It teaches a gospel of self-actualization "If you think positively about what you want...you will have it!" It pulls scripture out of context, muddies what God has attempted to communicate to us and after some time in research I feel the author just may be a heretic.

Needless to say this book angers me. Jesus told us to lose our lives and follow Him at all costs, to be servants of all, to not seek our own good but the good of others, even our enemies. He offered incredible love, intimacy and fufillment yes-but he demanded our very lives in return. The One who gave His eternal life for us asks that we give up our temporal one for Him.

After two chapters (and yes...it could get better) I must say that this book defames the One it professes to represent.

You see Mr. Osteen takes the name of God and pastes it onto his own cause. This is such an epidemic in our world. Our governments do it, our political parties do it, our lobbyist do it. What is more, I do it! I want something in my life and then I look for every possible excuse to tie Jesus into it and thus validify my desire. It is wretched! He is Lord and Master not servant nor business-partner.

So...you ask...why am I reading it? Why am I not burning it? Why am I not writing angry letters (besides this livejournal) and picketing Joel Osteen's 30,000 person mega-church?



I can't tell you now.