June 7th, 2005


Media and Me..um and IRAQ!

Talk radio is the wellspring of opinion. It has been an interesting transistion going from an enviornment completely free of talk radio (at least in any language I could comprehend) to a culture saturated by the invisible talking heads-be they liberal, conservative or simply disagreeable.

What I have noticed is that everyone has a solution...a simple solution. Everyone appears to know exactly what to do or not to do. Either someone is correct in their simple solution and the only reason we have not benefited from it is that said solution has not/will not be implimented OR these simple solutions are too simple.

I believe that it is the latter.

I am reaching a point, a new period in my thinking and moral philosophy that I am beginning to believe that ends cannot justify means. For example: Iraq. I have always been rather ambiguous on this war (as if my opinion mattered). To be honest though, I usually found myself defending it rather than attacking it.

But though I believe in the harsh world of realpolitik and political realism this war will reap benefits both for American interests and those of its Allies as well as the Iraqi people, I do not believe that this end justifies the means. The deceit, the misinformation and the grating stubborness of our national leaders is not justified and it cannot be so; these things are inherently wrong. There is such chaos now, such death. How can one ever understand war? What are we to do with war? Sometimes it seems so necessary (certaintly NOT in this case, of course) but such terrors always arise from it's spawning.


I have become an...idealist? A supernatural idealist perhaps. Jesus Christ will do that to you...whether it makes sense or not...