October 20th, 2005


Another Breath

No, no. My livejournal has not died yet. Indeed, it limps along at an incredibally slow and ineffectual state.

I live in Saint Paul Minnesota now. The city was named after...Saint Paul.

At any rate, I am here and working at a wonderful place known as Neighborhood House (www.neighb.org). I am an 11 month volunteer for the Lutheran Volunteer Corps (www.lutheranvolunteercorps.org).

I live with four wonderful housemates. They are all LVC volunteers themselves and all around decent people.

Abby, my closest companion and (dare I say) girlfriend lives a mere 30 minutes away.

And Holy Trinity Orthodox Church has welcomed me as a visitor/participant/curious gentleman who likes to discuss theology.

There, that's all you get for now. After the starvation of the last couple of months this must be like a feast.