October 21st, 2005


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I suppose that the most important thing in my life (and thus the element that should be worthy of the most words) is my journey with/to/in God.

Unfortunately it is is the most fluid, most challenging, most filled with questions and transitions.

Thus, it is hard to write down anything solid. Anything along the lines of: "I believe this this and this, the end"

Yes, there are many things that I do believe concretely and these things I would unabashedly proclaim. Shout it from the rooftops, as they say.

But how they work themselves out in the day to day actions, prayers, and perspectives is all up in the air.

And thus I hesitate to write anything about anything.

Maybe I should get over myself.


Live, man. Live!

At any rate, Wendell Berry is a prophet. His words make me want to live differently.

He is hopelessly outnumbered. He just might be speaking the truth.

-I do not want to give the money I've been given to distant corporations when there is an available local alternative.

-I want to know where my food comes from.

-I want to eat, purchase, and travel in a sacramental way.

-I am a creation among other creations with a mandate to offer that creation up to the Creator in a eucharistic manner.

As idealistic as this seems, I believe that it can be done. But if one were to do it, it would not be easy.
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Unlimited Damage

"Industrialism damages agriculture by removing the cultural, economic and technological constraints that assure propriety of scale. When the scale of work is appropriate to the place where the work is done, then attention, memory, and affection have consequential power, and our limited human intelligence can be used without extreme or permanent damage. But limited intelligence minus traditional restraints plus unlimited funds equals unlimited damage."