October 27th, 2005


Our House

My head is clearing.

Despite exhaustion (and I use that word loosely), I had a revelation-filled evening last night. I was presented with very candid and very important perspectives on the four house mates of whom I currently live with. One revealed outright, the other three by observation.

The Lutheran Volunteer Corps, of which I am a current member, is a very loose-knit semi-religious organization. Though started by Lutherans and supported by certain Lutheran congregations, it is not an actual part of the Lutheran Church. This is mainly due to it's more liberal positions which are not accepted in the majority of the Lutheran church. The Lutheran church in America is split up into three Synods: The more liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the more consertive Synods of Missouri and Wisconsin (which include churches from more than just these states).

That being said, the LVC accepts both Lutherans and non-Lutherans, Theists and Atheists. It makes for a wonderful mix of perspectives.

In my house, three are confessing Lutherans, one has passed from Lutheranism into a seemingly less dogmatic view of God and reality, and then there is me.

What I realized last night, specifically in relation to the three confessing Lutherans, is that their view of God and their relationship to Him seems to be fundamentally different than mine. I won't go too much into details, lest this turns into an accidental polemic (which is not my intention at all!), but I've come to realize that we often speak the same words while meaning very different things. When I speak of "my faith", I think it has a very different connotation to them then it would within the communities that I've worshiped and learned in.

Of course, I knew this would be likely while joining the LVC. But last night it became a very thick reality. Part of me wishes it were not so, the other part knows that there is much to learn from this situation. That's all.

"There is but one road to the Kingdom of God-a cross, voluntary or involuntary"
-Theophan the Recluse