October 28th, 2005


Friday has arrived

Good morning. It is Friday and I am at work. In the midst of all the random bits and pieces (crumbs, really) of responsibility that fall at my feet, I am updating my livejournal.

I've been reading through the collected journals of Father Alexander Schmemann, 1973-1983. I found the following very insightful. I love it when someone speaks something in a way that articulates what I've been bouncing around in my head. CS Lewis is rather good at doing this as well.

Wednesday, March 3, 1976-

"...it seems to me that the cult of psychotherapy is difficult to reconcile with Christianity because it is often based on a monstrous egocentricity, on preoccupation with one's self. It's the ultimate expression and product of "I, myself" i.e., of the sin from which one must be saved. Psychotherapy reinforces that egocentricity, which is truly its basic principal. When psychotherapy penetrates religious consciousness, it distorts it. The result is often a search for "spirituality" as a distinct entity. Hence, the darkness and narrow-mindedness of many spiritualists; hence the confusion of teaching, pastoral work, care of souls with psychologizing. The principal on which Christianity is built-"Christ saves, revives, cures"-is opposed by "What saves and cures is understanding one's self."
"To see one's self in the light of God and repent is replaced by "to understand oneself and be cured."

My journey to work today took place within a crisp, exceedingly bright morning. With the right mindset, this entire world causes me to laugh. I watched cars pass by and saw little people in little metal machines moving about the streets because the little machines were burning black goo from a far-away desert. I wonder what the squirrels must think. We have many squirrels in my neighborhood. More squirrels than people, I'm sure. The whole thing is absurd, think about it.