November 3rd, 2005


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Life, etc.


I would like to eat, if at all possible, from my own community. I would like to grow my own food. I would like to have a garden full of produce, fruits and vegetables. I would like to raise a chicken or two in my garden for eggs, for meat and for company.

I would like to buy organic, locally grown food. My money would be best spent at farmer’s markets and at co-ops. I would like to visit the farms that my food comes from.

When I cannot buy local, I would like to buy organic. God created sustenance for our bodies. He created our food free of chemicals and agri-engineering. Though non-organic food is not necessarily dangerous, it is unnatural. What God created was good. Man need not add to it.

I recognize that by purchasing locally grown and organic food, I will be spending more money. I also recognize that this should not be so and I would like to do my best to consume and promote these foods in a way that eventually increases their popularity and thus allows prices to balance. Until that time, I am willing to spend more money on these foods. For food is not mere fuel, mere energy-food is life. Food is a connection to the Creator of all good things. Indeed, God placed man in the garden saying, “Eat”.

I would like to travel, if at all possible, without the use of a car. Even if I own a car, I would like to take the bus to work. If a store or park is within walking distance, I would like to walk. I do not want weather to affect these decisions unless some overriding concern (sickness, tornado, etc) is present.

When traveling across the country I would like to go by train or by automobile. Both of these methods of travel use much less fuel than an airplane. Ideally, of course, I’ll always take the train.

I recognize that walking or bike riding is healthier for me and better for the world. I recognize that time is a very precious commodity, but not in the way we often think of it. Bus riding, train riding, bike riding and walking often take more time than the personal vehicle/airplane travel options. But the time taken is better time. It is a richer, more personal time. It is time with much more space within it to read, or pray, or to simply let my own mind wander.

I would like to live, if at all possible, in a house that treats the earth as sacred. I would like to conserve water by taking less and shorter showers and by turning off the water whenever it is not being used. I would like to turn off lights and radios and computers when no one is using them. I would like to light the night by candles. I would like to purchase energy efficient appliances.

I do not want to own a television. If I own a computer, I would like for it to be a laptop. A full computer sitting on a wooden desk is like a shrine to technology. I do not think technology is worthy of such honor.

I would like to recycle as much as possible. When an item is purchased, its ability to be recycled should be a factor. Furthermore, I would like to compost.

Music should be played in my house. I would like a piano and a guitar. I would like many dinner guests to share our food and music with. I would like my home to be welcoming, never pretentious.

I would like to support my local economy, if at all possible, in more than just my purchases of food. I would like to visit the local pharmacy. I would like to attend the small, one-screen movie theatre. Coffee, tea and dinner should be purchased at local cafes, local restaurants. I would like my money to go to those whom I know, whom I recognize, those who have a stake in the community.

I know that at times I must purchase goods and services out side the local economy. And there will be, despite all good-intentions, many of these purchases. I would like to give my money to corporations with proven track records of responsibility, generosity, and environmental awareness. This will take research. I would like to do this research.

I do not want to do these things to support a political viewpoint.

I do not want to do these things under a false impression that these activities will heal mankind.

I would like to carry out a lifestyle such as this as a “thank you”, a prayer of praise to God.

I would like all my actions and ideals to be birthed not from Humanistic optimism, but from Reality.

It is true that God gave us this world to be caretakers, and indeed, this truth does affect my desires. But more importantly, God gave us this world that through it, we may commune with Him. I would like to do this.