November 7th, 2005


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Weekend Summary (oh boy):

-Words read, Liturgies attended, Companionship enjoyed and Housemate engaged.


I briefly interrupted my normal reading schedule to digest a small book by Father Schmemann on Mary within the Orthodox Tradition. How in the world am I going to explain this?


May I say? Dare I be so bold?

I love Abby Thielen.


I will be leaving for Wisconsin come Thursday morning. All the LVC volunteers located in the Midwest will be attending the annual fall retreat. A bit of training, a bit of tomfoolery, a bit of eating and sleeping.

More Later.


Something different, better.

There is only one thing needed. These words lose any meaning when they are dissected too much, contrasted too often, interpreted by every theologian ever. There is only one thing needed. If only we could understand the magnitude of what is being revealed, of what Is.

In the beginning was the Word,
And the Word was with God,
And the Word was God...

In Him was life, and
the life was the light of men...

And the Word became flesh
and dwelt among us,
full of grace and truth...