November 15th, 2005


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Our retreat has ended. We begin to attack again...

My weekend in Wisconsin was challenging. That being said, it was wonderful. The bluffs and farmland and naked, grey trees were almost medicinal in their serenity. Several very good conversations were had. I doubt there is much that is more important than a good conversation. I finished the Brothers Karamazov. The food was delicious.

But challenging? Yes. I am exhausted. In many ways the retreat was a dark place spiritually. I won't attempt to explain.

Many more thoughts this weekend on life and living it and whatever in the world any of this could possibly be.

Viewing every moment as an event, a plan, a possible activity or opportunity instead of a "now" experience is destroying us. Always, ALWAYS, something must be done! Distractions become mandatory.

What is this "foolishness" that God gives us, calling it true wisdom? "Be like a child," He says to us. But is it too late? The moment one begins to "try" to be like a child he must obviously be disqualified because a child doesn't have to try!

Christ spoke: "The Kingdom of God is within you."
And He spoke: "Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it at all."

What is the Kingdom? I think that it the the recognition of the ever-present reality of the "all things made new" in Christ. It naturally produces wonder, a sense of magic. Wonder is the essence of childhood. Can we be saved apart from this childishness? Can we be saved apart from wonder?