November 18th, 2005


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I witnessed the cruelty of children today. School-aged kids are always capable of great cruelty when it comes to rejecting others. Lives are destroyed in middle and high school by malicious words and actions.

I know that they only externalize the things that I internalize.


Work has been insanely busy. It has been stressful. Stress is not always bad. There is a "good stress" but today things have been a bit different. The environment has become oppressive. The heavy, weighted feeling is the presence of Death. Each moment dies under the crushing weight of joylessness. I am trying to come up for air.


It has been cold here lately but it is warming up. I believe that when I left the house yesterday morning it was 10 degrees. At the moment it is over 30. Heatwave.


I am working out a new conception of everything. And by everything I mean God. Perhaps it is not a new conception but it is realization of an old truth that never stirred anything up within me. For too long I've considered Christ to only be the forgiver of my sins. I am beginning to understand that in only viewing Him as such, it puts the relationship between myself and Him in purely juridical terms. But sin is perhaps less a juridical problem than it is a relational problem-an ontological problem even. It is a problem of existence.

Life is man's participation in God.
Death is man's abandonment of God.
Christ is man's participation in God.
Thus, Christ is life.
Saint Paul writes, "For me to live is Christ".

Man apart from God is not rightly called man at all. Man must be with God in order to be true man. We are the fallen "hardly-man". Christ is the Incarnated "Fully-Man". In Christ is both full God and full man. He is a type of microcosm; the perfect union of the divine nature and the human nature. Remember, true man is only man when he is united to God. Thus, since Jesus was completely God he had to be completely man. In fact, he was the most complete man that has ever existed. Jesus Christ was the most human human to ever walk the earth.

In conclusion: