November 21st, 2005


Mr. Berry, Trinitarian Theology and now...

God, being Trinity, is a relationship. Perhaps there is no personhood apart from relationship...

-Mr. Berry, in “Men and Women in Search of Common Ground” writes:

“…we are not the authors of ourselves. That we are not is a religious perception, but it is also a biological and social one. Each of us has had many authors, and each of us is engaged, for better or worse, in that same authorship. We could say that the human race is a great co-authorship in which we are collaborating with God and nature in the making of ourselves and one another. From this there is no escape. We may collaborate either well or poorly, or we may refuse to collaborate, but even to refuse to collaborate is to exert an influence and to affect the quality of the product.”

-He then moves on to write something that is really quite audacious:

“This is only a way of saying that by ourselves we have no meaning and no dignity; by ourselves we are outside the human definition, outside our identity. ‘More and more,’ Mary Catharine Bateson wrote in With a Daughter’s Eye, ‘it has seemed to me that the idea of an individual, the idea that there is someone to be known, separate from the relationships, is simply an error’.”

-And later in the essay he concludes:

“…it is only to the people who know us, love us, and depend on us that we are indispensable as the persons we uniquely are.”

How Embarrassing



In snow we hear
words upon words
Christmas and life
from a Virgin

Father Eccentric
with words upon words
I am silent as my
soul is converted