November 22nd, 2005


Thanksgiving, traveling, nothing else

I will be in Chicago this Thanksgiving. Abby's family has not only taken me in but is taking me on a tour of the great Midwest.

I must admit that it'll be a nice break. Work, though mostly enjoyable, has certainly been hectic.

My LVC housemates are departing over the next couple of days as well. Two to Montana (now that's a journey), one to southern Minnesota and one to Iowa.

I'm drawing blanks...

Hellfire and Brimstone

First, a quote:

"One reaches a point when it becomes clear that there is nothing to understand, that all complexities are imagined, that it is all a sort of fog we raise to cover up our sins and to avoid having to face them. The problems of contemporary consciousness, of young people, are often rubbish. There are two sources of sin: flesh and pride. And people are often trying to cover them up with complexities so that they look nice and deep (‘He has great problems…’).
…The truth is much simpler: flesh and pride. They are the true keys to problems and difficulties, the root of endless discussion, the whispers during the dullest confessions, of all the introspection and morbid self-indulgence.

- From "The Journals of Fr. Alexander Schmemann"

He does not offer a solution but he defines the problem. It is so black and white that it is almost offensive. It seems impossible. Turning from sin and pride is not exactly "simple".

But then I remember that Christ's first sermon began with "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near."

It did not begin with "Understand yourself, for the Kingdom of Heaven depends on your own stability and consistency."