November 29th, 2005


Snow White and the Seven

Plenty of snow here, plenty of snow. My new winter coat and I. So red and blue and hip.

I realized yesterday that I am already a fourth of the way through my stint with the LVC. Let me cliche: time goes by so fast. I'll be dead soon.

Ah well, what's that to me?


I've entered the book of Exodus again as I journey through scripture. The Hebrew people are in bondage. Pharaoh's heart is hardening and being hardened. Moses is scared; lacking confidence before man but somehow so confident before God(?). I think that the time of plagues matured moses-it fused into his psyche a radical experience of God.
Aaron and Moses: God chooses two brothers to shape a nation, start a religion, to reveal God to man. The scriptures attest to God interacting with, in and through men and women. The incarnation is the ultimate manifestation of the interaction between that which is human and that which is divine. The written word of God is a collection of man's interactions with God. The living Word of God IS man's interaction with God.