December 6th, 2005


Dreams and Frozen Beards

There is a reoccurring theme to many dreams that I have. About once a month, I dream that I am back in high school. In these dreams, I am back in high school as the person I am now: a 21 year old. For some reason or another it seems that I must finish or complete some course, usually english or science, in order to graduate. What is so frustrating is that in these dreams, without fail, I always am way, way behind in the class that needs completion. And usually I am way behind because for some reason I have forgotten to attend the class for at least a month or two. How embarrassing! I am overcome with frustration and just when I think that I'll never leave high school I remember that I've already graduated and then I wake up. Also, the high school is always remodeled in my dreams (which confuses me to no end when I try to find my long-lost class).

Last night I walked into Mr. O'Bannion's English class after missing the first half of the year. Oops. He was optimistic though; he seemed to think that if I attended class for the second half of the year I could still pass.

It was -06 when I walked out to the bus this morning. My beard froze solid. Vigorous!

St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas Day.

Rumour has it that St. Nick managed to punch the wrong-believing Arius in the face during the first council of Nicea.

Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho ho ho