December 15th, 2005


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Mr. Bush has agreed to endorse Mr. McCain's anti-torture amendment. A good idea.

I drove to the store today to pick up fresh bread for our food shelf. I drove to a library today to pick up donated gifts to give to isolated seniors. I drove into North Saint Paul today because I was lost. I drove to the Comcast building because I needed a place to put the bag of gifts. I only almost killed myself in the snow once.



Humanity put the death sentence upon the only just and innocent man to walk the earth. Our sin, our "justice" killed Justice Himself. It was the ultimate condemnation of humanity.
Religion killed Christ. In doing so, religion became obsolete. There is no salvation in man's own efforts for God. The cross was man's final failure to serve God through religiosity.
Man killed God, surely there can be no greater crime. But amazingly, graciously, in this final act of sin and betrayal, God poured out His greatest act of restoration and love. Our ultimate act of "closing the door" on God was His ultimate act of opening the doors of life to us.

"How can it be?"