December 19th, 2005



Well, hello again. I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon for Phoenix Arizona. I will be there until Monday, the 26th. Perhaps I'll get a chance to post something or another of the festive persuasion...yule!


I will be with my family in less than 48 hours and to some degree I'll have to explain to them my journey to the Eastern Church, which to a very large degree is impossible to explain. The points of divergence between my present course and their present course will be the same points of conflict that I experienced-and at times still experience-in my exploration of Orthodox Christianity. ?


Book Notes: I finished Schmemann's "The Eucharist". Schmemman's writings have influenced my journey through Christianity perhaps more than any other writings have in the last year.

Book Notes Two: I picked up Dostoevsky's "The Idiot". I bought the book new in order to read a critically acclaimed translation. Forgive me. I've sold out. I am thinking of making some sort of resolution to read all the works of Tolstoy and could take some time.

And Finally...

The Oncoming "Not In Service Bus"-An Ode:

The bane of a bus rider's existence
Fiercely tantalizing and devastatingly disapointing
Destroying assumptions on every city street

"God says to us: You would not be searching for me unless you had already found me."-Pascal