December 27th, 2005


Cold again

I arrived home from Phoenix yesterday afternoon.

It has been awhile since this contraption was updated, and it may yet be some time before it will be updated daily again. My place of employment is moving to a new building over the next week and I know that I won't have much in the way of computer access, if any.

That being said...

A belated Merry Christmas!

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

St Ephrem's Nativity Hymn 19
…………..Through You, Honorable One,
even worthless things become beautiful.
So great is contact with You that even if someone
throw a stone at You, it would be a pearl.
Even your sweat, for one who is worthy,
is a baptism, and the dust of your garments
for one who is infirm, is a great fount
of all aids, and even your spittle
if it reach the face, would enlighten the eyes.
If upon a stone You should rest your head,
they would divide it and tear it apart, and if You slept
upon a dunghill, it would become a church
for prayers, and if, again, You broke
ordinary bread, for us it would be the medicine of life.
Who will revile You? For even your abuse
is a blessing of the peoples. Who will kill You?
For even your death is the word of life
for men. And even if you mount
a cross, You are the Paschal Lamb.

Thoughts on Christmas

I do not think that it matters if we are told to have a "merry christmas" or a "happy holiday". Nor does it matter if the majority of our culture has forgotten the often mentioned and embarrasedly rhymed "reason for the season". We bicker over the most pointless things.

When Christ was born, no one wished anyone a "Merry Christmas". And if we completely ceased to celebrate His birth it would not in the least way affect the truth of it.

Before His birth the world was awash in various pagan holidays and traditions and it remains so to this day. The fact that Christianity dropped their Feast of the Nativity into the midst of these celebrations, which, in time, caused the celebration of the Nativity to fuse together with the various holidays and traditions is honestly insignificant.

Christ has come and the world is changed. The world may deny the importance of this occurrence but the importance of this occurrence is sewn deep into the very material of the world.

And when Nativity is celebrated, it should not be celebrated merely as a remembrance of the past. It is instead an experience of the ever-present truth. Our daily lives run on a time that is sequential, event-by-event. But this time, like all else in the world, is fallen. True time, heavenly time, is more real and more true than this false time that we are trapped in. In the Church, in the prayers of the faithful which are inhabited by the very Spirit of God (who is beyond all things, including time), we transcend our fallen time and enter into restored time -time as reality. It is here that Christ is not born 2000 years ago but is born today. And so we shout: Christ is Born! Glorify Him!