January 5th, 2006


This Thursday

Hello once more.

I am now able to access a computer on a regular basis. Though I'm not actually sure that the ability to regularly access computers is going to make me more human; I am pleased nonetheless.

My place of work has moved. In actuality, we've only moved down the street - but still, it's nice. I've been picked up out of the corner of a rented church-office and placed into a cubicle in a new, $25,000,000 building. Imagine how many people the food-shelf could have fed with that money! (haha).


More importantly, I'll be officially received into the Orthodox Church this weekend. I met with Father Jonathan last night to work some things out. He amazes me.

More later.

Oh, and I miss Abby. She is in a convent somewhere. Don't analyze that too much.

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Inspired by the writings of Bishop Kallistos Ware

True repentance does not find its base in a feeling of self-loathing but in the recognition of God’s beauty, forgiveness and invincible love. Repentance is an act of hope; it is not an act of despair (though one may not repent until one is actually in a state of despair). Repentance is “a great understanding” and “a new mind”.

As Christ spoke: “Repent! For the Kingdom of Heaven is near!”

Father Anthony Blooms’s words have stuck with me this week as well. He preaches that one must take one’s own eyes off of one’s own self before one can see the world by God’s eyes, in the light of Christ: the world as it really is. Reality -existence viewed through God’s eyes- can blind one with beauty and sorrow. Repentance is found in this taking our gaze off ourselves and onto the Lord and others.

Isaiah 62: 6, 7:

“…You who remind the Lord, take no rest for yourselves; And give Him no rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

We are to keep God up at night through our prayers. Let's not get too literal here with our theology.