January 13th, 2006


It is meet and right

The good people of whom I work with and I went out after work last night. It was good to be with them, to know them as personalities and temperaments and senses of humor. Strangers become almost-friends in short time.

My sister and my brother-in-law are very generous, and through a gift in the mail I was able to take my companion out to dinner last night. If you read this: Thank you.

We smoked with Jason. I hadn’t had a clove for months. Jason is a wonderful person. He is sentimental and easily queasy, passionate and a peacemaker. You all should meet Jason sometime. He cooks a mighty shrimp dish: it’s delicious. And I don’t even like shrimp.

I missed the matins service this morning. Matins is the hour of prayer that the Church prays during the slow and almost impossible rising of the sun. My alarm, in my carelessness, was set an hour askew and I grumbled at my carelessness. I improvised though, with a friend at my side. Short prayers were said before a great cloud of witnesses and a bit of the gospel was read, we were quiet and maybe even sincere.

I am sitting at my desk now, several miles away from the warmth of my room. No candles, no quiet icons, no faint scents of incense and old house. But things are quiet here as well and my body feels warm and cozy and I know that I am in love with certain souls. Even now.