January 23rd, 2006


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GK Chesterton's "Everlasting Man" is superb. CS Lewis had said of the book that it was one of the key writings that eventually turned him Christian. It starts out as a history of the world and I can't do it credit so I'll shut up.
I'm not done reading it yet. We'll speak more later.

My health left something to be desired yesterday (namely health), so I layed low and missed the liturgy. And I really did miss it.
Abby came by and rescued me from a gray and muddled state and took me to her house for pancakes and a nap and a meeting with her friend Murdoch.

I watched a bit of football last night. I am a bit embarrased to admit that I've been watching football since moving into Beth Shalom. My housemates have re-awakened a long-lost love of spectator sports long dormant within me.
A Christian must see the beauty, the absolute dignity, the very image of God in every man. At the same time the Christian must see the ugliness, the despair and meaninglessness in every human life.
The Christian must know and experience the intimacy, imminence and overwhelming love of the Persons of the Holy Trinity. At the same time, that Christian must know and even fear that absolute otherness, that awesome distance of God.