January 24th, 2006


A rant in major key.

Please don't read if faith bores you:

These systems, these ideologies, and this “liberal/conservative” nonsense-I want to be free of it. Has not Christ superseded all these? Has He not destroyed all these? Ideologies, politics, fashions: these are fallen. Liberalism and conservatism (as we speak of them in a political or theological sense) could not have existed in the Garden and they surely won’t exist in the Kingdom to Come? “God will be all in all,” Saint Paul the Apostle tells us. There is no room here for ideology and fashions and all the manners of disunity and distraction amid the absolute unity of the Holy Trinity; the very same unity that the Church participates in through Christ its savior.

I am so caught up in this world!

My Christianity is defensive: I assume I have gaping wholes in “my” theology and that I must somehow prove something to the world. But it seems as if for great men of God in this age (Lewis, Chesterton, Schmemann), Christianity was obvious; it was the most fundamental and explainable reality: any worldview that came up against it was demanded an answer and explanation, and each one was found wanting.

Could a man like St. Francis of Assisi ever have been imagined to waste his time in a discussion of relativism in world-views, all the while gently tip-toeing around the truth? Ah, But Francis was insane, they say. No, he only seemed insane because we’ve become so unfamiliar with the truth that to us it seems like madness. I can’t picture the great saints of old wasting their time one meaningless discussion using frames of reference that were absolutely destroyed by Christ.