February 2nd, 2006


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What I do on the first Thursday of every month:

MAC and NAPS. This is not food and sleep. This is Mothers And Children (MAC) and Nutritional Assistance Program for Seniors (NAPS).

Second Harvest, a large food-bank in the area, drops off a truckload of federal food commodities for a few young mothers and a host of older folks. Ah, but this food will not distribute itself!

They slowly trickle into the Neighborhood House to pick up their boxes of food. Those who cannot pick up their food due to old age and infirmity have their commodities delivered. This involves the carting around of 375 pounds of food through the Dunedin High-rise (an assisted living community). We take to the High-rise floor by floor, knocking on doors and handing out packages. Following that leg of the journey, we take an expedition through the west-side community of Saint Paul, delivering another 275 pounds of food to individual houses and rooms in assisted living facilities.

All curiosity should be satiated.


Mr. Alito was confirmed. Interestingly enough he broke with the conservative pact and ruled against a death penalty type case.