February 6th, 2006


Not a worry in the world.

We’ve finished our weekend.

I worked for a while on Saturday. Once a month I have a four-hour weekend shift. Abby picked me up at two in the afternoon. We walked through store aisles filled with Mexican food. We drove to the top of a hill and wandered through looming brick houses, gingerly stepped into institutes of art and institutes of the German language. Eventually we found ourselves inside the stunning Cathedral of St. Paul. (http://www.cathedralsaintpaul.org/about/photos.asp)

My week in Paris last year was my introduction to grand Catholic cathedrals. In retrospect, it was the first-step of the journey that brought me to Orthodoxy. Amidst the grandiose cathedrals and basilicas I was surprised to find a sense of the Holy, the presence of God. Being a bit iconoclastic in my tendencies, this sparked my curiosity. From cathedrals I became interested in liturgy. Liturgy turned my interest to the great creeds of the Christian faith. Creeds could not be explained outside of church history. Church history brought me doubts and questions, and it began to sometimes adjust and sometimes destroy many axioms of my Protestant heritage. Amidst all of this I began to see beauty rising in the East.


I spent an evening at the Mall of America. We were there for cheap Chinese food and the chance to gawk at our humanity. So much stuff!

A beautiful liturgy was celebrated Sunday morning. Sometimes the Kingdom of Heaven doesn’t feel too far off.

And of course there was a football game to watch. My northwestern brethren didn’t quite…win. Not quite. Not even a little bit of winning actually. In fact, they didn’t win at all.