February 8th, 2006


Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition

On My Routines: An Excuse or an Explanation.

It is an interesting thing, the routine of my life. I am constantly going to work: I sit in the same seat at the same computer, doing largely the same thing. I visit the same coffee shops and order the same drinks. I read books of similar topics and I am prone to fall asleep and wake up again with a fairly orderly schedule.

But I am not bored. Nor do I think that this repetition is really death disguised as consistency. In fact, everything is always new. Every time I awake and head out for work, I head out as a new person. I’ve had another day of experiences and thoughts and emotions. Things within me have died and things within me are being born. The people that I am graced to help at work are new each day; each one with his or her own unique personality and concerns. The coffee shops are full of different people, and the ones who, like me, are regulars, are being transformed and remade just as I am. And of course the books that I read explode in my mind with new ideas and new explanations and new ways of understanding life (as if we could!) and man (as if we could!).

Most importantly, I attempt, strive, mostly fail but even sometimes succeed to commune with God. This is the One who “maketh all things new”. I in Him and Him in me: the whole universe is re-created.

I am considering a trip to Oregon come May. Amtrak can take me there and back. The journey would be 46 hours each way and would probably be beautiful. I have ten or eleven vacation days that need to be spent and I have a bit of extra money coming my way that would cover the costs of the trip. We’ll see.
Lent is coming soon. Pascha is on the horizon. I am both nervous and excited as I wonder: where has this been these last 21 years?