February 9th, 2006



I’m not sure what type of political convictions I hold, save for the fact that I find politics very interesting. And speaking of very interesting things, I just finished reading this article off of slate.com: http://www.slate.com/id/2135750/?nav=tap3 . It involves a security conference in Munich with sausages, John McCain and the president of Georgia. I’m not sure why it captured my attention. Maybe you know.

I grew up in a politically conservative home. Both my father and mother seemed to swing that direction, and when I became of voting age I followed in their tracks. I was an active conservative: I read the news, I listened to the conservative talking heads on the radio and I even passed out petitions and wrote letters and called my congressperson.

Of all the places in the world, my assumptions and biases began to dissolve while living in an Evangelical Christian school and community. Maybe it was the European environment. More likely it was the European people. These wonderful friends shared the same faith and yet viewed our politics and global affairs from a completely different perspective. Either way I returned home wary of conservatism and not yet enamored with liberalism. I am still floating in these waters and the only problem is that floating doesn’t get me anywhere.