February 13th, 2006


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We cannot afford to forget that the world exists! Outside our window, bathed in February sun, are the things of life: buildings, traffic; a cold wind that blows through the lightly littered streets. And people! Oh yes, the very treasures of the gods themselves – the same person, dressed six billion times; each in such unique and deceptive outfits. Get your mind and eyes out of and off of these foolish books, young man: Heaven and hell are screaming at you! It is only your lack of faith that prevents your ears from hearing.

Februaryeah! (sigh)

Welcome back.

I received a phone call from my sister this weekend. It seems that she might be coming for a visit in mid-March. I’m anxious to have her here. She’s yet to meet Abby and she’s yet to experience worship in an Orthodox setting. More than that, she’s my sister and we get along splendidly (at least for the first few days). Come soon!

I spent most of Saturday baking pizzas, or rather assisting with the baking of pizzas, for a potluck after vespers. Following the service we crowded into the basement of the church and had a time of food and conversation. There was a wonderful feeling that permeated that environment: it felt like home.

Sunday morning liturgy was attended at St. Herman’s church in South Minneapolis. I’d been meaning to make a visit to another parish in the area over the last couple of months; and it was a good experience. The church is humble, a bit run-down, and (for a week at least) missing much of the floor. Ah, but the people, the people! Father Paul’s homily was a sword.
I finished Turgenev’s “Smoke” this weekend. “Smoke” is a love story done nearly perfectly. At times I could hardly stand to turn the pages – each one held far too much pain. I’ve started up on his “Father’s and Sons”. We’ll see how this goes.

By the way, go out and watch “The Believer”.