February 16th, 2006


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Three or four good days in a row and one begins to think quite highly of one’s self: kind-hearted, open-minded, intelligent, popular, certainly “spiritual” and maybe even an emerging ascetic.

And then one acts the part of an animal; out of nowhere, out of the blue - but completely out of character? No: this is true character revealed.

And everything crashes down with a mighty tumult. Humiliated and tired one collapses into bed.

Perhaps only by failure – repeated failure – will we learn to place no confidence in the flesh.

The snowflakes are jealous

Tiny bits of snow are being tossed through the sky; the wind is too much for them. It is a cold wind, cold enough to make the tiny bits of snow trapped within it wish that they too could put on a scarf and cap and sip a cup of steaming chocolate. They obviously want inside. They crash onto every window, they crash against every building. Each collision is a scream: LET ME IN.