February 20th, 2006


Lent is soon upon us

Lent is our “Bright Sadness”. It is not necessarily a time to become somehow more aware of our sins (for most of us, it is impossible to ignore them), but a time to view them in the light of Christ’s acts of redemption. It is a mystery: hideous ugliness as seen through ineffable beauty.


Kyril and Cha treated Abby and I to dinner last night. Kyril was my sponsor at my chrismation. His name is the Russian translation of Cyril, a sainted missionary to the Slavs. Cha is his wife. As far as interesting names for couples are concerned, they win. Moreover, they are kind and frank and wonderfully interesting. We were blessed.

The days have been exceedingly bright. One can’t escape the sun: it demands attention, both indoors and out. It’s a cold sun, yes, but I’m under the growing suspicion that a cold sun is the best type. The bright light paints everything so clearly and the chill in the air leads you to realize that you are experiencing this clarity in a very sensitive human body. It’s a razor sharp line between misery and joy. At times the line is crossed and crossed back again with each step.

We wandered through the Institute of Art this weekend. We baked granola. We braved the cold and sipped coffee and hot cocoa. If my memories serve me correctly, we fell in love quite a few times.