February 21st, 2006


More Words! (This time with FlavoR)

Things change so quickly. One moves across the country, one becomes Orthodox, one grows a beard - a whirlwind, all of it. When I think back even seven months ago my memories seem like those of a boy. How could I have been so ignorant/foolish/happy/carefree/angsty/misinformed/addicted/shameful/ independent/whatever it was that my memories accuse me of being?

Ah, it’s all nonsense!

I’ve been thinking: There is a difference between being nice and being kind. I’d much rather be the later.

And I don’t think that’ we’re called to be “good people”. We’re not created necessarily to be “happy” either. We were created in the image of God after the likeness of God, and all of human life is life indeed only IF it is progressing towards that goal. I was not created to read holy words or sing holy songs or even pray holy prayers. I was created to become what Christ is: human nature perfectly and harmoniously united with the Divine.

Christianity is transformation. It is restoration and renewal. Ultimately it is repentance: a conscious and life-long activity of seeing the beauty of the Triune God and running madly towards it, doing whatever is necessary to leave the darkness of our own internal hell behind.