February 23rd, 2006


My morning commute/Schmemann

And we came upon a beautiful morning. The sun and the moon both sat at different points in the blue sky, competing for attention. The clouds, as if weary of getting involved in the great stand-off, hovered quietly and inconspicuously at the edges of the sky. I was warm though it was cold. Somehow I felt like I was ten years old.


“A man…who has never felt that he is exiled from God and from real life, will never understand what Christianity is about. And the one who is perfectly ‘at home’ in this world and its life, who has never been wounded by the nostalgic desire for another Reality, will not understand what is repentance.”
-Schmemann, Great Lent

Vanity! All is vanity!

File this under your “As If I Really Care” category:

Blogs I regularly peruse--

http://kwadwo77.blogspot.com/ A blog by my housemate, Jason. He’s a fine fellow and quite articulate.

http://www.nowandever.be An intelligent perspective on life, Orthodoxy, family, bull-riding, cancer and depression.

http://www.prochoros.blogspot.com An excellent exposition on life in the Orthodox tradition.

http://catholica.pontifications.net/ Catholic and brilliant.

Good websites to be surfed—

http://www.slate.com Good news, witty at times

http://www.pitchforkmedia.com My favorite place for music information on the internet.