March 14th, 2006


Brief and Snowy

Perhaps posting Virginia Wolfe’s words on spring was a bit presumptuous. On Sunday evening it began to snow and it did not stop snowing until Monday afternoon, leaving us with 8-10 inches across the Twin Cities Metro Area. The busses ceased to operate as traffic became an apocalyptic journey into a frozen hell. I did not make it into work, nor did most of my coworkers - which is probably for the better. By noon on Monday, work had closed.

Well, incorrect prognostication or not, I still rather enjoy Wolfe’s words.

That being said, what is now to be said?

The three days since last I’ve posted have held far too much content for me to post. It has all been important, sometimes private, and sometimes foolish.

I was perusing blogdom this morning and found this quote posted on

A Lenten Thought

“Do not seek higher posts and higher titles: the lower the position of service you have, the freer you are. Be satisfied with the living conditions you now have. And do not be prompt to show your learning. Hold back your remarks. . . . Contradict nobody and do not get into arguments; let the other person always be right. Never set your own will above that of your neighbor. This teaches you the difficult art of submission, and along with it, humility. Humility is indispensable.”
--Tito Colliander, Way of the Ascetics