March 22nd, 2006


a word or two

It has been a few days since last I’ve posted on this strange thing – I do hope that you’ve enjoyed the vacation.

My sister flew in to visit me, and it was one blessing after another. We spent time wandering the city through public transportation; we spent time with Abby; and we spent time in church. She is intelligent and generous. and she, having shared the same family and parental background, understands me in a way that is profound. Thank you for coming, Jessi.

At any rate, I am back at work and it is busy. We are gathering food and distributing it. We are going to trainings. We are becoming overwhelmed with little requests. And we battle laziness. Who will save us?

Perhaps I’ll post a bit more a little later on.

(no subject)

True life must be a remembrance of Christ. He is Life: I have come into being through Him. Thus, my whole life is to be a journey back to Him. But not only is He the destination; He is also the road. I must travel to Christ by Christ and in Christ alone. It is not possible – much less fitting – to travel to Him wrapped up in the sin and distraction that “so easily entangles”. His very being must be my joy and hope. He is my destiny and my meaning. He is life’s purpose. REMEMBER.

And I do try. It is ever so foggy though. How can we see the light? How can we tell if our eyes are even open?

The answer lies within us, but perhaps we need something outside of us to reveal them. Authority? Yes, perhaps we need Authority.