March 23rd, 2006


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It is snowing outside and I cannot understand why it is doing so. In fact, it doesn’t appear that even the snow knows why it is snowing; for it touches the ground and then instantly disappears. Could it be that winter is throwing a fit now that spring has arrived and stolen its glory? Grow up winter, grow up.


I was back in Stillwater this weekend, home of the wonderful Loome bookstores. I managed to pick up volume two of Turgenev’s works. I’d purchased the first volume about two months ago. Lo and behold: its partner was sitting on the shelf all this time, weeping and bemoaning the loss of its companion. I could do nothing else but purchase it (it was the only humane thing to do). And it only cost me 50 cents! As wonderful as this discovery was, my chief mission while wandering within the confines of the great shelves of books was to find a new bible. I dreamed of an old, slightly used, softbound Revised Standard Version. Oh Stillwater! You make my dreams come true! The little black book is such a fine looking thing.

The streets were quiet and a bit sleepy, as were my two companions and I.