March 28th, 2006


Going Home

I’ll be departing for Oregon the evening of April 23rd. Abby and I will be taking a train there and back, spending six days with my friends and family. I truly don’t know when the next opportunity to be in Oregon will come for us

I miss home. I miss Jake Lloyd, who is a great and unique gift: a friend for a lifetime. I miss Powell’s Books (another great and unique gift, really). I miss my mother and my father. I miss the streets of Portland and the beaches of the Oregon coast.

I admit that the train ride there will be a somewhat arduous. The journey is scheduled to take just under two days – and this both ways. But I am delighted to take the train. We save money, save fuel, and we will actually see the land that we are passing through. It is a type of travel that demands something of the sojourner. Train travel (and bus travel, bike travel and foot travel for that matter) takes place in a realm where time is experienced, not passed. Time is not “killed” but lived.

I hope so at least.