March 31st, 2006



As I walked out of the house early this morning, everything was coated in a light rain. The birds knew it; they were singing songs about it.

I made it to church after an hour of bus-rides and slowly began the process of realizing the presence of God. It is a hard thing to do early in the morning. We are called to “lay aside all earthly cares” and stand in His presence in order that we might experience His love and mercy in the midst of his indescribable infinity. And of course it cannot be done perfectly. In fact, almost every attempt is a failure. But this is not so much a reason to mourn as it is to rejoice: our God beckons us to come to Him as failures and lets us stand in His presence nonetheless.

And as I stood, surrounded in the evening darkness that quickly became the morning light, I was graced with these words composed to Christ’s cross:

“The Church has been revealed as a second Paradise,
having within it, as of old, a Tree that bears life,
your Cross, O Lord.
By touching it we share in immortality.”

Wonder then enters into my heart and spins me all around.