April 3rd, 2006


we must be beautiful or we risk never finding our salvation

I attended an Akathist hymn on Friday evening; a Lenten hymn to the Mary, the Theotokos. I experience Mary and in that experience it all comes together, but when I try to put words to this experience, to “explain” it, I only end up explaining it away. Thus I won’t attempt to describe too much here: the songs were tender, beautiful and communal. In her we see the beauty of Christ.

It is an interesting thing to be a twenty-one year old white male, reading a book on theology, surrounded by thirty-five black teenagers on their way to or from a party.

Oh the rain! It poured yesterday, and the wind blew. The weather was overcast and forty degrees, like Oregon in February. I spent a large portion of my afternoon traveling by bus and foot through Minneapolis. In the midst of my fatigue and frailness I was alive.

Abby came forward towards the end of the Divine Liturgy yesterday and was entered into the catechumate of the Church. In a few weeks, God willing, she will be chrismated into the Orthodox Church. She is more beautiful than she knows. She was radiant.

“Childless, indeed, is pagan philosophy; always in pains of childbirth it never engenders living offspring. What fruit has philosophy brought forth worthy of such labor? Are not all [its fruits] inane and underdeveloped and miscarried before they enter the light of the knowledge of God?” –St. Gregory of Nyssa