April 6th, 2006


Intestines, my groin, and the appearance of blood.

I am no doctor, but it appears as if I may have caused a bit of a hernia, or something of the sort. You see, I did have a hernia two and a half years ago and a surgery to do away with it. The doctors installed a type of mesh to bring my muscle tissue back together, thus preventing my intestines from bulging out and hanging around where they are not wanted.

At about this time last year, while I was wandering the lands of Sweden, a very familiar pain began to reoccur and once again I found myself visiting the doctor (of course, this doctor was Swedish and the whole thing was kind of bizarre). Fortunately, it turned out that I had only strained or pulled a groin muscle and that a new hernia had not shown its ugly head.

Now from time to time the area where the original surgery took place is extra-sensitive, and it behooves me not to do an excessive amount of lifting/sprinting/sit-upping and the like, which is usually not a concern.

However, n Sunday or Monday of this week, the days of lifting and transporting thousands of bags and boxes of food for our March Food Drive, as well as the vain foolishness of my occasional sit-up/crunch routine, appears to have caught up with me. I feel as if the whole thing has burst or collapsed or split or done whatever it is that one would not want done.

Now, I do not feel a “bulge” so to speak (which is a very good thing!), but the pain is definitely evident and it is somewhat widespread. And there appears to be a bit of blood in my urine…which a nurse informed me is not usually a symptom of hernia, but I am worried none-the-less!

Yes, I am planning on seeing a doctor as soon as possible. It would seem that the next available appointment is on Tuesday, but there is a chance of obtaining a same-day appointment tomorrow if I am the first to call at eight in the morning. If that does not work, I may drop into an urgent care clinic.

Your prayers, especially in regards to quickly obtaining medical care, would be greatly appreciated in this matter.