April 10th, 2006


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Oh glorious sun! So long have you left us cold and bitter; but now you make your triumphant return! We cannot but forgive your absence.

Good morning to you, one and all.

Weekend Highlights:

-A somewhat confusing day of wandering through Minneapolis (see below)
-Oscar Wilde inspired café: awkward!
-Coffee in general
-A beautiful baptism, a liturgy that took me where I must go.


At times the city is terribly ugly, almost purposely so. I wonder: is the city truly ugly or has my own internal ugliness projected itself onto the walls and streets and light posts of the city, masking all I see in nausea?


Bored and chained to my chair when suddenly I am awake in a place not so far removed from your memories of tea and dinnerware.

What is this rubbish?!