April 14th, 2006


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The Eastern sky this morning was breathtaking. It was a symphony of dark blues and grays, in sharply defined yet gently perceived shapes and sizes, under girded by a growing red light on the horizon. I was on a bus; alone save for the bus driver. I hope that she experienced something of the same.

Thoughts on Suffering:

In hunger and exhaustion and even pain I cry out: Lord, save me! And through the day it dawns on me that Christ has come not to save me out of pain, nor in spite of my pain, but that He has come to save me in and even through pain.

He came into this world of suffering, and only through suffering did He provide a way for salvation. Suffering is revealed as the battlefield of our salvation.

I see two types of suffering: suffering purposely, “justly”, and suffering imposed from without, or unjustly. Both are given or allowed for our salvation.

When one is tired, or hungry, or craving - when one abstains from any lust of the flesh to the point of suffering – that one suffers “justly”. For in this suffering we come to find freedom from our own selfishness, and in that freedom our suffering is transformed by grace into joy.

Now to suffer unjustly is to be persecuted for one’s faith, to endure false accusations, to risk resources and reputation and even life for the sake of truth and love. This is suffering as Christ suffered. This is divine. This is salvation’s great mystery: to suffer is to love and to love is to suffer.


Lent ends this evening and Holy Week soon begins.. I will not be posting on my livejournal next week, and I'll be leaving on the evening of Sunday, April 23rd for 11 days. So it'll be some time before this journal is updated again.

Do stay out of trouble.