May 9th, 2006


I am right and you are wrong. No, really. (Really?)

Everybody believes themselves to be correct. Even those who don’t seem to care about being correct believe that theirs is the correct attitude to hold.

Let us consider Christian theology and let us consider it on the level of a truly devoted believer. Every studied Calvinist believes that Calvinist Protestantism is the truth. Every devout Catholic believes that he or she is Catholic because Catholicism is true. Every Orthodox convert is Orthodox because he or she believes that Orthodoxy is true.

How absurd!

And then we gather on the internet to begin blogging, theologizing the truth. We shout from our internet rooftop: “This is the truth! We have found it and we must share it!” And thus we find ourselves amidst several million people all firmly convinced that they have truly understood the Christian revelation. Each camp has its own intellectual muscle, professors who are brilliant and totally devoted to their unique understanding of the Christian revelation.

Now one might say that indeed, each group holds a portion of the truth and if these portions are put together nicely and neatly then the Whole Truth would be revealed. Unfortunately many of these portions are in blatant contradiction with the other portions, which makes synthesis quite difficult. Furthermore, each of the groups have come to realize that God is Truth, and thus Truth is not an idea but an ontological reality. Thus Truth cannot be divided, for God is Truth.

What are we to do?!

I became and Orthodox Christian because I believe that The Orthodox Church is true. Now, that does not only mean for me that the Church makes “true claims”. No, it means, in a very mystical way, that the Church is the Truth itself, being the Body of the One Who Is Truth. It is the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

What a claim! How absurd!

And so many educated, brilliant and holy men and woman have disagreed with such claims, do disagree with such claims and will always do so.

Oh my.