May 11th, 2006


I will not be homeless come August

It would appear that I have found a place to stay once my time with the LVC expires. This is an answer to many prayers and an almost perfect answer at that. I'll be living in a rather nice area of Saint Paul in a very nice house with some friends of a friend. The rent will be cheap.

Let us open bottles of fizzy drink
And celebrate the good fortune of a certain fellow.


Okay, good work. Now that the celebration has ended, we continue:

Furthermore, at least two of my housemates are of a (from what I can tell) traditional Catholic faith and the house that we are staying in is the soon-to-be vacated house of two Catholic Studies professors at the local Catholic university, St. Thomas. It would appear that once again I've found myself in a Christian community of sorts. Certainly this is a different type of Christian community than the Evangelical setting I found myself in during my time in Sweden, but this only seems natural.

That's neither here nor there though.

Where is it, then?