May 18th, 2006


Posting for the sake of Posting

We went on a pleasant walk last night; the air was cool and the sky was starting to dim. We smoked my two last clove cigarettes and wandered through the less popular parts of Saint Paul. Eventually we found ourselves passing a Romanian Orthodox church, hidden in dark green trees - rather beautiful. Wondering if the services were held in English, we interrupted a man mowing the church lawn, who happened to be Father George, the priest of the church. He invited us to visit and we accepted. 

I have thirteen dollars left to spend in this month of May and it would appear that there are thirteen days left in the month.  I am no mathematician, but I would venture to guess that I should be budgeting a dollar a day.  Please, keep me accountable.


The Jeopardy Tournament of Champions reaches its culmination this evening.  Don't miss it.

Oh, just indulge me here

Ma' aint nobody you can push aroun' neither.  I seen her beat the hell out of a tin pedller with a live chicken one time 'cause he give her a argument.  She had the chicken in one han', an' the ax in the other, about to cut its head off.  She aimed to go for that peddler with the ax, but she forgot which hand was which, an' she takes after him with the chicken.  Couldn't even eat that chicken when she got done.  They wasn't nothing but a pair a legs in her han'.  Grampa throwed his hip outa joint laughin'.  

-From The Grapes of Wrath