May 22nd, 2006


Emerging from the Weekend

I spent most of this weekend wandering through the Cities; back and forth and back and forth.  I wasn't alone though, someone beautiful was with me.  But it was a strange wandering: something in the air was full of resistance, demanding that we should struggle, making nothing easily accessible.  We took the generosity of a friend and it led us to an orchestra.  We took the invitation of a priest and it led us to Romania and the awkward angst of failed expectations.  And now it is as if all the resistance, all that we struggled against, has suddenly broke and given way and we find ourselves suddenly back into Monday with such great speed and no questions asked.

I met a gentleman named Luke on Friday evening.  He, like myself, was attending a party through the invitation of another.  The topic of "church" came up and ears perked up and words began to be shared.  We spoke of Orthodoxy and the Charismatic movement and the Emergent movement and all the strange things that followers of Jesus can come up with.  Abby and I invited him to attend Holy Trinity with us and he seemed genuinely interested.  It seems that Brian McLaren of Emergent fame has had some nice things to say about the Eastern Church in some of his books.

Of course this all gets me thinking about my generation of Evangelical-bred youth and how we are all seeking something different.  From what I can tell just by the stories of those I've met, one of two things happens:  A person goes Emergent with all the post-modern benefits and the joy of being eclectic and perhaps even genuine or a person goes ancient and finds themselves in Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox or even Messianic communities.  Either way, the standard non-denominational community church is avoided (or fled).  


(Ha ha, who am I kidding?)