June 21st, 2006


And now!

I will be leaving tomorrow morning to spend the weekend somewhere on the shores of Lake Michigan.  My unfamiliarity with the Midwest prevents me from explaining exactly where I'll be.  It is the years final LVC retreat and I'll be returning Sunday evening.  I am looking forward to this break, and the short work week that it requires.  It'll be the last time I'll see many of the Midwest volunteers.  

Well, with that being said.


Saints Peter and Paul: The Apostle's Fast

           We began another time of fasting on Monday; the Apostle’s fast as it is known. I have welcomed this time with open arms, strangely enough. I was speaking with Abby last night, and she mentioned a concept from her reading, that to fast is to automatically reject the enemy. But why is this? Satan is described as the prince of this world, the ruler of the darkness of our society. Now when one fasts, one is prophetically rejecting this world that cries out “take and eat, do not deny yourself, you deserve this, you have rights, you are somebody, go get what you want.” To fast is to put oneself in diametric opposition to this attitude, to the world. And in rejecting the world we find that we are rejecting the prince of the world. 

  But we must be cautious in our words, for fasting is not against something for the sake of being against something, but for the sake of being for something much better. Fasting rejects a world – a world of self-gratification – but it does not reject the true world. This true world is that world that is “hidden with Christ in God”, a world that is quiet and invisible and yet is transforming, ever-so-slowly, this old and decaying world, making all things new in Christ. To fast is to reject one false kingdom in order to proclaim and to embrace the one true Kingdom.